Dropfun Serious Game Products

serious games pageIn contrast with new entry to the market, Dropfun is at the forefront of interactive pedagogy in IRAN. Based on it’s know-how, the Dropfun conceived training, awareness raising or assessment tools and programs whose aim is the development of behavioral competencies: Serious Games. The principles of games are used to create programs adapted to professional training needs, in order to upgrade managers and employees performances. Moreover, by leveraging game mechanics to educational materials, Dropfun starts to develop serious games for children.



Dropfun proposes three different offers:


Educational Serious Games

Dropfun is already working on it's first projects in the world of Serious Games:

learning english for non english students  

Learning English for non-English students (age 4-8 years old)
Children learn more effectively with the games. This Game aims to increase the ability of foreign language learning and its performance for the children.


Reading fast is a skill and you can improve it. This game try to do this!

no more lies  

No more lies!
By playing some systematic games, children learn that lying not only is not correct but also affect their life.

Custom-made Serious Games

Dropfun creates custom-made serious games to address specifically the training needs of any company through an innovative tool.


From virtual environments, we recreate any situation from the real life, like the simulations of industrial processes, accident recreations, etc.