Dropfun Video Game Business Consulting Services

business consulting pageVideo gaming has become one of the most popular and lucrative entertainment mediums on the planet. But making games is hard! Bringing in an external video game consultant can help provide invaluable perspective, breaking teams out of creative gridlock and getting them back on track.

That’s where we can help you. Attaining an informed, professional and unbiased opinion of your product – be it at the early planning stages or even a few months before completion – can prove an invaluable aid towards identifying key areas of improvement. Our evaluations and expertise could help transform your product from an also-ran to a chart-topping hit.

Among the industry’s best-known resources, strategic consulting and consumer products testing service Dropfun can help. From business strategy to market research, mock reviews and powerful branding solutions, our analysts provide detailed insight into new games, services and developing markets.

With the line growing ever finer between failure and success, let Dropfun team of expert video game consultants help inject your gaming visions with extra life.

Our services include:

  • For developers


Game Evaluations

In-depth game evaluations are invaluable aids to identifying your game’s strengths and weaknesses. Our highly analytical appraisals can help you identify and eradicate your product’s weaknesses and provide you with an extensive list of suggestions for improvements.

We offer evaluation packages to serve every need, be it single, short product overviews or several in-depth evaluations that focus on every aspect of your product down to the very last detail. We understand that each evaluation is unique, which is why we’re happy to cater for your specific requirements.

Mock Reviews

PR strategies have become increasingly important in determining a game’s success. With online and magazine reviews influencing the decisions of tens of millions of gamers worldwide, it can be an invaluable aid to gauge how well your product may review before sending out Gold... or boxed code.

With just one call to us, we’ll provide you with multiple mock reviews from industry experts that’ll give you an insight into the mindset of professional games reviewers.

Development Document Assessments

Development documents are one of the most important aids in games development, allowing both publishers and developers to assess a product’s marketability potential before large sums of money are invested.

We offer detailed, critical overviews of these documents that evaluate a game’s potential gameplay, premise, story, marketability and viability.

Product Acquisition Evaluations

Whether you’re a multinational publisher or a fledgling company looking to sign its first product, our Product Acquisition Evaluations can be an invaluable aid in helping you distinguish potential money-makers from prospective flops. Our in-depth analysis focuses on both the product’s quality and marketability and provides suggestions for potential marketing and PR strategies should you decide to sign the game.

Our forthright assessments could save you thousands or even millions of dollars or help you identify that must-have third-party hit.

Scriptwriting / Editing Services

Quality scriptwriting has become a fundamental aspect of games development. A compelling, well-paced plot, snappy dialogue and complex, realistic characters that can emotionally engage players are paramount to creating a believable, immersive and entertaining gaming experience.

Product Post Mortems

Looking back and identifying the weaknesses and strengths from your previous products can be hugely beneficial when designing and planning your next project.

Our team of industry experts can compile detailed post mortem reports to help you identify your previous game’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to rectify the mistakes from your last project and build on its strengths and successes.

Press Release Writing / Editing

Press releases are often the first step to generating interest in your products, so a quality, well-written piece is essential if you’re going to grab press attention.

Our team of experienced writers can help you turn a collection of product features into snappy, professional press releases that’ll help ensure your game has an instant impact.

Directing Services

The ability to create believable and engaging game characters that players can identify and empathise with, is an increasingly sought after skill. Many of the techniques used in the Film and TV industries are now being employed by game developers to shape character and story.

we offer services relating to the creation and direction of characters from concept stage through to casting, motion capture, animation and voice recording. Integrated with our existing scriptwriting services, we can now bring practical and visual expertise in the field of developing characters through both gameplay and story.

  • For publishers


Market Research, Sales Forcasting, Mock Reviews and More

Whether you are trying to gauge the potential sales lift from a feature choice, release timing or even the difference between a print vs., online media campaign, all of Dropfun's services are designed to take into account your exact needs at the time they are performed.

Comprehensive solutions for all industries and verticals are available, including media review score and sales forecasting, competitive landscape analysis, and marketing and PR support. Enjoy detailed looks at new marketplaces, consumer trends, and pricing or product developments that combine data-driven analytics with expert qualitative insight.

Research Tailored To Your Title and Budget

Dropfun's approach to custom research is unique within the video game industry. With access to Dropfun's data set and rich technology capabilities our highly trained analyst staff can deliver custom research reports quickly and more cost efficiently than any other provider.For every custom research project, we will evaluate your requirements and deliver a proposal that is appropriate in depth and coverage, to your title. Whether you are developing a low-budget mobile game or an expensive AAA title, Dropfun can meet your needs.

Consumer Driven Custom Research

dropfun understands that while historical data can provide compelling insights into future activities, measuring the pulse of the consumer is often a necessary step to confirm directional findings before implementing final strategies. By working directly with panel providers, Dropfun is able to provide a seamless research experience for clients and deliver the best of both quantitative and qualitative research via a single service.

The Mock Review/Preview

Making games is both an art and a science. Evaluating them should be, too. A Mock Review should be so much more than just a number. That’s why Dropfun delivers a comprehensive product that goes above and beyond the traditional review text and score. Our Mock Review/Preview breaks down a game’s specific strengths and weaknesses, offers suggestions on which sections of the game demo well and which do not, delivers realistic recommendations for how the game could be improved, and details specific PR and marketing touch points that the games media will respond to. Dropfun’s Mock Reviews sit at the crossroads of qualitative and quantitative analysis. By combining a data driven approach to trends and consumer interest with the expertise and critical eye of experienced game journalists, Dropfun is able to look at upcoming games from all angles to deliver the feedback you need to succeed with the media and consumers alike.

This isn’t just a Mock Review. It’s a comprehensive evaluation of how a game will be received by the media and how that reception can be improved.

End-to-End Solutions: Management, Design, Development and Marketing

Give your management team an edge with expert insights from senior executives, brand managers and marketing professionals who’ve helped launch the successful games and franchises. Dropfun interactive entertainment practice is staffed by leading Middle Eastern games consultants who provide custom development, advertising, sales, research and product testing solutions for today’s biggest businesses and brands. Experience includes work with developers, publishers, investors, attorneys and more, and includes due diligence and expert witness testimony.

Financial and venture Consulting

Our experience building and running games and digital media companies, our substantial team of consultants , our extensive contact network and our deep knowledge of the games and digital media sector puts us in a unique position to advise and support investors, start-ups and early stage companies in this sector.

What we offer:

Dropfun experts deep knowledge of the games industry linked with or direct experience of raising money as well as making investments puts us in a unique position to support and advise investors seeking to become, or who are already active in this space.

For businesses starting upt we can provide specialist understanding of the considerations for creative businesses in accessing finance. And we have arranged funding for countless projects large and small with a variety of deal structures.

Our team includes experts in grant funding from public and private organisations in the Iran. We can tell you what is out there and how best to access it.

We run workshops for small businesses on investment readiness and provide advice and support for public agencies looking to help digital clusters grow and thrive.

We provide services below:
  • Sector overview and breifing
  • Analysis
  • Audit
  • Project monitoring and oversight
  • Investment readiness
  • Support building commercial models
  • Strategic development and investment workshops
  • Financial strategy development

Product testing

Staffed by best-known critics, our acclaimed video game testing labs provide businesses with testing services from the biggest names in the technology, gaming, toys and consumer products fields. Experienced analysts who’ve worked with the s top brands and media outlets provide rigorous testing, benchmarking and benefits analysis to provide you with a comprehensive advance look at press and consumer reaction.

From key feature identification to how to best present to media, shoppers and strategic partners, let us show you how to most effectively brand, market and demonstrate products to all audiences.

Services include:

  • Identify key features, benefits and unique sales points at a glance, their position in the competitive landscape and how products and services stack up against the competition.
  • Learn how your products compare with both immediate and indirect rivals, and how to best position for success. Full market research reports and sales projections also available.
  • Hands-on testing and evaluation that provides objective, third-party feedback on product performance. Discover where your company stands in the industry spectrum.

Innovation and Technology management solutions

Innovation seems obvious in the video game, everything seems innovative. But is this really the case? What is truly innovative in this industry?
The game is part of the creative industries as well as the other media. Creativity in this industry is based on cultural and technological Components to continuously renew the supply of cultural products. Within media industry, the video game industry has the distinction of being an industry with high artistic and technological intensity and is one of key sectors of the cultural industries combining both major publishers and a multitude of small studios. Innovation in the video game industry is the result of technological R&D combined with artistic creation. Our team of experts offers both editorial (scenarios, storyboards, graphics and animations) and technological (optimizing games for multiple platforms) modules of solutions.