What We Do

Dropfun works with you to move your project from inspiration to reality. Applying our experiences in the fields of video games designing, developing, and publishing is the base from where we work to build your entire product from idea to market.

As a leading video game company in iran, Dropfun proudly present:


Among the industry’s best-known resources, Dropfun provides various consulting services from business strategy to market research, mock reviews and powerful branding solutions.

Consulting Services


Dropfun gives Businesses, schools and universities, employers and media, the tools they need to drive high value online solution and learning tools through gamification.



Dropfun is developing some serious games.

Serious Games


Dropfun aims to start game publishing business including online games.

Game Publishing


Dropfun Principles of Professional Ethics

  • Confidentiality: Dropfun treat each client uniquely and never use any information gathered or delivered to help another client. When we work for you, we work for you and you alone.
  • Unique Solutions: No project, publisher, or developer is the same. Dropfun will listen to your needs and tailor a solution specifically to your product and goals.
  • Realistic Results: Dropfun understand the process and will work within budgets to deliver results. We aren’t going to come in and suggest changes that delay your product or blow your promises. We can help you achieve your goals – within your timeframes and your budgets.
  • Passion: Dropfun want you to succeed. We want you to smash through your goals. And if we don’t think we can help, we won’t take the job.
  • Deliver the goods: Dropfun aren’t going to waltz in, spout universal truths, and send you a bill. Every project we take on will involve deep prep work, vital follow-up, and delivery of concise reporting on the work we’ve done, so you can be sure the message is carried throughout a product’s lifecycle.
  • Big Solutions… no worries: Dropfun will handle the entire project from start to finish. We are here to help you, not add to your workload.